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Avimech Aircraft


Avimech was founded in 1998 with a mindset of safety and efficiency as its targeted goal in the aviation industry and became a corporation in the state of Arizona, USA in 2005.


It has acquired 20 years of experience in many Aviation Industry areas, including:


  • Sharing responsibilities with major airlines on Passenger transportation and cargo Aircraft
  • Aircraft manufacturing support
  • Performing major conversion modifications from PAX to Cargo and avionics engineering on many Boeing aircrafts
  • In charge of pre-flight inspections of the B747 for Boeing Company and flight acceptance within FAA parameters
  • Highly acclaimed as part of the advanced manufacturing modifications team on the finest jets.



Avimech Aircraft has excelled in quality performance on commercial and on the most advanced, high- level executive jet aircrafts manufactured in the United States.


The combination of long-term experience and expertise has made it possible to present the first and foremost personal "Environmentally Responsible Aviation (ERA)" helicopter.


The aircraft industry is currently meeting in a joint effort to resolve the following issues that have resulted from the accelerated development in the aircraft industry:


  • The Technological Impact on Environmental Footprint
  • The Effective Cost of Operation and Maintenance
  • Safety as a Major Concern


Avimech's vision is "here and now.”
Preserving the possibilities in the present, but soaring ahead to the future.



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Avimech International Aircraft Corporation

Tucson, Arizona - USA