Avimech Helicopters

The silent one


The Dragonfly DF1

The DF1 is a high-tech green personal helicopter based on a jet propulsion system. 

"(ERA) helicopter:"

 Acclaimed as the first ever created Environmentally Responsible Aviation (ERA) helicopter, Dragonfly certainly deserves this epithet.

Emitting nothing but water vapor and Oxygen, running on only hydrogen - an environmentally safe fuel.

As your heart desires, this helicopter does not pollute the space with harmful emissions like carbon.

Time from start to airborne is within 30 seconds. A hand control directs all maneuvers, making it simple to fly, with an ability to carry payloads up to 800 lbs. a milestone in personal aviation history.

Classified as LSA – Light Sport Aircraft (Special Category). The required License is simple and inexpensive, consisting of two steps: Ground test and Log Book Endorsement by a CFI – Certified Flight Instructor.

Maintenance for the aircraft is very low. There is no engine, no pedals and no hydraulics. It is easy to transport and store. The DF1 is quiet at 72 dB. The empty weight is 220 lbs. It is environmentally friendly, running on renewable Hydrogen Peroxide fuel. Assembly is simple, requiring only 1.5 hours to assemble out- of-the box. 

The Dragonfly helicopter is built to military specs.


Optional equipment: 

Windshield, Crop Field Sprayer, Ground fixed Handling Wheels, Rescue Stretcher, Winch, Emergency Cargo Compartment, Surveillance Target Lock-up, Custom Attachment Points, Transponder (required for IFR), Battery Recharge Cable (used on the avionics and light position only), Solar Battery Recharger, Auto Pilot, High definition Day/Night camera, Aircraft Cover, Landing Floats, Custom Colors, Private Heli Pad Set-up, Customized to your Personal Needs or Business with Global H2O2 fuel delivery.

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